GAIAkiniton real estate agency was founded in 1996 by Anna Georgiou - Charatsari. Its brand name, “GAIAkiniton”, comprises of three distinct meanings: “gaia” (aka. earth), “akiniton” (aka. i. immovable ii. property), and “kiniton” (aka. movable); properties change hands.

GAIAkiniton focuses in selling and renting properties in downtown Thessaloniki, Panorama, eastern Thessaloniki, and specific areas of Chalkidiki. Primarily, the properties that GAIAkiniton handles are of significant “gravity” and are located in highly estimated areas.

The associates of GAIAkiniton believe that a real estate agent should on one hand be deeply familiar with the area in which they are actively involved; on the other hand they should devote the necessary time and persistence until the expected outcome is achieved. !

Oὐκ ἐν τῷ πολλῷ τὸ εὖ, ἀλλ᾿ ἐν τῷ εὖ τὸ πολύ!  [ aka. Less is more & quality over quantity! ]


Experience & Expertise

GAIAkiniton combines a long record of handling properties of significant “gravity” with a deep know-how of the real estate market.


Client Oriented Philosophy

GAIAkiniton listens to the voice of its customers; through an effective communicative attitude, it provides them with integrated solutions. Besides our network, we work together with other real estate agents to expedite the expected outcome.


Integrated Solutions

GAIAkiniton offers its clients the opportunity to have instant access to a range of property services. Besides handling your property, GAIAkiniton works together with distinguished professionals in the legal, construction, and decorating sector.


Trust & Confidence

GAIAkiniton deals with its clients with discretion and strict confidence. It honours its commitments and builds solid relationships based on mutual trust & respect.